If The Man Wedding Ring Fits, Buy It

mens wedding ringsMen can be so demanding when it comes to a man wedding ring, can’t they?

If you can get your man to wear a men’s wedding ring, good for you! It seems these days men want to be so, well, manly.

Fortunately, these days a man wedding ring doesn’t have to match a woman’s. So, you can stop thinking that plain gold band he wants for his man wedding ring is what you’ll be stuck with wearing too. You can get as girlie as you want.

Generally, men do prefer plain bands to more ornate ones when it comes to selecting a man wedding ring or band. This is probably because they do all those manly jobs and chores – like holding and aiming that remote all the time. Whatever.

Your Guerilla Guide To Getting A Man Wedding Band

One of the things you want to keep in mind as the two of you argu. . .um. . .discuss and search for his man wedding ring is the width of the band. A wide band may be uncomfortable and hard to get used to for someone who isn’t used to wearing a ring.

You also want to make sure you get the size right. If you’re buying a wide band, a wide sizer should be used, a narrow one if you’re purchasing a narrower band to ensure you get the proper dimensions. You also want to take into consideration that fingers tend to be a little larger in warm weather and smaller during cold weather.

Also, metals are important when it comes to man wedding rings. Yellow gold is the traditional choice, and it has the advantage of being easy to mold into different, more intricate designs. The downside to gold is that it is softer than some other metals and will show wear and tear more easily.

If your man wants to show his manly chic-ness, a man platinum wedding ring is a great choice. These can be plain or set with diamonds if he wants to truly rock the world with his elegant taste.

Titanium man wedding rings are truly hot with about-to-be-married-men of the-twenty-first-century. Titanium has long been symbolic of masculinity and is incredibly durable. It also comes in a wide variety of styles. This makes it easy for your man to be trendy, hip, and manly, all at the same time.

Which can make the whole “buying a man wedding ring thing” a lot easier for both of you!