How To Choose A Wedding Band

When planning your wedding, you will also need to consider the music. So, how will you decide on what performer to consider? You might be considering hiring a band and you will want the songs to appeal to the general guest list and, of course, the solemnity of the occasion. You might want a mixture of genres and you might also want a good collection of numbers.
So, here are several tips to help you find the best band in town.


You might like to consider asking friends and family members about several local performers that they know. Find out about how to contact these people and the different reputations they have. You might also want to go over local directories to find a list of bands that perform for wedding events in your area.

Interview Meetings

Once you get a list of local performers, choose to schedule interview meetings to find out more about each group. Ask about past performances and individual performance portfolios.

Background Check

Ask also about references. You might want to make a background check of some kind to assure you that you are choosing only the best. Choose to go over trust issues and find out if the band is reliable or not.

Music Genre

What kind of music do they play? You might want a mixture of several genres and so, you need to ask them about the different genres they can play. Make sure that you agree about a given list of songs and give them a general feel of the overall music playlist you will want.

Sample Performance

Of course, before you even decide to hire a specific band, you will need to hear them perform first. So, come up with a schedule of test performance where you can invite several key persons to serve as audience. Find out about the feel of the performance and decide according to your own liking. Come up with impromptu requests as well in order to judge the readiness of the said band.


Don’t forget to ask about rates, of course. You will need to know about the ongoing rate for special performance requests and the overall payment you will have to render your chosen band. Make sure that you agree to this given rate and that there will be a contract that is agreed upon by you and the band of your own choosing.