What Flowers Should You Use For Your Wedding Bouquet

flowers silverOf course, flowers will always be one of the main considerations during your wedding. You need to consider your bridal bouquet and choose from a variety of flowers and flower mixtures that will make the overall effect much more interesting.

Therefore, there is a need to look into the different flowers that are usually used for a bridal bouquet.


Roses will always be a major choice for a wedding celebration. Because it is a universal symbol of everlasting love, red roses can be one of your top choices especially if your motif will be that of red or any other shade of it. You can include white roses since white will signify purity and pure love. There are also many other colors like pink and yellow.


Orchids, being one of the most expensive flowers known, can also be a good option. There are many colors and many kinds that you can find. Orchids give off a more exotic feel to the event as well as a more unique effect.


A symbol of purity, lilies can be another excellent option since these flowers are available at all times. They are far cheaper during the summer season and you can easily find lots of them in various flower shops. There are tons of lilies that you can choose from. Various colors are available – mainly red, white, and yellow.


For a June wedding, peonies are also very popular for bouquets. However, these flowers aren’t available during all the other seasons since they only grow abundantly during the April-July period. If you’re planning for a May or June wedding, this can be a good consideration for you.


A pinkish flower that is now becoming a very popular bridal flower choice, eustoma is available during the whole year. It is a popular choice of those who prefer vintage or traditional weddings.


The bridal bouquet and all bouquets that will be used during the wedding are of important consideration. You can easily pick flower choices by considering your overall theme. You can even make a mixture of various flowers and make it more interesting by adding various ribbons and silky materials.

There are even lots of designs you can make use of and it is up to your own preference to find a bouquet style that will make the overall effect much more beautiful. Consider asking your florist for a number of choices and see to it that you pick the best depending on motif, theme, and budget.