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“For me art is my life. It’s the way I communicate ideas, understand nature and learn about life. I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography, but I love the engineering and intellectual challenges of metalsmithing and making jewelry.

With wearable art there are so many more objectives to consider than any other art form. The human form is my canvas and someone’s wrist can become the pedestal for one of my sculptures. There is something magical about moving metal and transforming it into other shapes. I enjoy the sound and power of the hammer hitting the anvil.

There is an intimacy because of the size of the pieces that extends all the way to the person who chooses to wear it. Lately I have been concerned about the over harvesting of coral for the jewelry industry and how that is affecting our coral reefs along with the global warming.

I have chosen to communicate this message in a beautiful way one person at a time when they come to see my work. They always ask me if these are found objects from the beach or real coral and I say no it is porcelain or enameled copper to pay homage to the diminishing reefs”

Christine Simpson Forni is a metalsmith working in Chicago since 1990. She received a BFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Metalsmithing from Iowa State University in 1989. During the summer sessions, she took metal intensives classes, learning techniques such as mokume, anodizing and enameling.

Christine has exhibited her scrimshaw drawings with jewelry at the Center Catala d’Artesania in Barcelona and taught metalsmithing at Escuela Llotja. Her jewelry has been published in all of the “Art Jewelry Today” book series including the most recent edition releasing October 2011. Her enameled jewelry was featured at SOFA Chicago in 2010.

Her work has been recognized globally for it’s inspired aesthetic combining various techniques from hand-built porcelain to enameling, with galleries & museums stores selling her jewelry such as Kalo Fine Jewellry Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland, de Young Art Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, Smithsonian, MCA, and Milwaukee Art Museum.

In 2011 two of her pieces were on exhibit at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo that examine the possible extinction of red coral in reefs due to over harvesting and climate change. Her current body of work is an exploration in creating awareness of the effects our interactions have with nature.

International Exhibitions

– Synergy, group exhibition, Artspace 191, silhouette intaglio print, Vienna, Austria 2012

– Art Energy Future, Blood Coral I, 36”x36”, oil on canvas, Group Show, Museum of Natural Science of Turin, Itay, May 2012

– 44th Memorial International Enamelling Art Exhibition
Invited to exhibit at the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 2011

– 40th Memorial International Enamelling Art Exhibition, Juried,
Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 2006

– La Exposición, Ilamada Figuracions, 9 Person Exhibition, Invited by Imma Gilbert, Exhibition
Curator, Centre d’Artesania de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, 2004

Selected Exhibitions & Gallery Shows

– Taboo Gallery, The Rng, group show, San Diego, CA, Feb. 2013

– Mobilia Gallery, The Ring & Earring, group show Cambridge, MA 2013

– Laura A Sparague Art Gallery, Coral Veins II, 36”x36”, oil on canvas, Joliet, IL Jan. 2013

– Mobilia Gallery, The Necklace Show Cambridge, MA 2013

– Springen, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Coral Forest II, oil on canvas, Chicago, IL 2012

– Objects of Status, Power and Adornment, Mobilia Gallery Cambridge, MA 2011

– Artist Respond Globally, International group collaboration, http://argart.wordpress.com
This project is in process throughout 2011

– Society of Northern American Goldsmith, Seattle conference exhibition, Sea Ceremony – Tea Set,

Collaboration with Momoko Usami Japanese porcelain artist, May 2011

– Artist Respond Globally, International Group Collaboration, http://argart.wordpress.com

This project is in process throughout 2011

– In My Backyard I can see the World, Migration – mixed media collage collaboration with

Gabriela Prosch Austrian painter, 2010

– SOFA Chicago, 2010

– Centerline Exhibition curator Oskar Freidl, Zhou B Art Center, drawing “Emanate & Inspire,” 2010

– 30 and Beyond: College of Design Alumni Exhibition at ISU. 30 alumni were celebrated for their accomplishments for the 30th Year Anniversary of ISU’s Design College, juried & curated by David Revere McFadden, chief curator for Museum of Arts & Design in New York, 2009

– Transformation 5: Contemporary Works in Found Materials, Juried Exhibition originating at Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburg traveling to The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft & The Art Association Jackson, WY, Nov. 2005 – March 2008

– Charcoal Drawings, Group Show, Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN Nov. 2009

– 5/17 3rd Friday open studio’s at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago


– 6/7 – 7/28 Museo Franz Mayer, La Fronterra exhibition opening, Mexico City
– 6/14 3rd Friday open studio’s at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

– 7/19 3rd Friday open studio’s at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

– 7/28 Museo Franz Mayer, La Fronterra exhibition closing, Mexico City


– 8/14 – 9/14 Velvet da Vinc,i La Fronterra exhibition opening San Francisco, CA


– 9/20 3rd Friday open studio’s at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

– 10/18 3rd Friday open studio’s at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

– 11/7-11/10 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
– 11/15 Fusion, group show at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago
– 11/15 3rd Friday open studio’s at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

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