Tips On How To Spot Fake Gemstones

wedding bandWith the advancement of technology, synthetic gemstones can be made to replicate the real stuff that are mined from the Earth. In fact, some of these imitated gemstones are made to closely resemble the real stones that it is extremely hard for the average shopper to tell them apart.

As a consumer, it is imperative that you do not become a victim of fraud. If you are buying jewelry for collection or heirloom purposes, you obviously want to avoid getting duped by an unscrupulous vendor.

In this article, we will show you some tips to differentiate real gemstones from the fake ones and how you can protect your own investments.

1) Avoid questionable deals. No sellers would sell authentic gemstones at a cheap and unbelievably low price. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your gut instincts on this.

2) Ask a jeweler to examine the gemstones in your new jewelry. Sometimes, skilled craftsmen modify fake gemstones to perfectly resemble original ones, to the point that even the average person cannot tell for herself whether the gemstone is fake or real.

3) Examine the color of the gemstone. Usually, sellers of bogus gemstones cover the crystal with color-coating solution to make it look like real gemstones. Say for example, a seller can coat the crystal with light green to make it look like a peridot.

Or he can coat it with royal blue color to make it appear like sapphire. Also note uneven colors. This is an evident of poor coating or coloring jobs. For diamonds, it is questionable if they give you crystal clear diamonds at very low prices. Because in reality, diamonds do not have perfect transparency.

4) Inspect the gemstone settings. Most of the time, genuine gems have solid settings, which is made of either gold or platinum. It is always built over solid settings. When inspecting gemstones, you can also use a loupe to magnify the details of the stone.

6) Make sure you only buy from reputable dealers. James Allen is a good vendor for gemstones and diamond jewelry online. Large chain stores like Tiffany and Co are also less likely to scam you.

5) Don’t go for stones with a different name. They are made up names to increase your favorability towards the gem. Sometimes, they tell you that a gemstone is an imported jade from Hong Kong. Most likely, you are going to believe it, and would buy it at a bigger price because you heard it was a special jade from Hong Kong. But its value is actually way lower than what you paid for.